The legend of Koman Kenia

english // français // español “Some say that there was a village named Koman Kenia and that on the village’s edge, there was a river and on the river’s bank, there was a magic tree. This tree gave fruits which were unique in the world. The birds who ate it turned into fish and swam in the […]

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Who Why How

Who are the Shipibo-Conibo ? The Shipibo-Conibo are an indigenous people of the Peruvian Amazon who live scattered in 150 communities along the Ucayali river. Some of them have relocated to the Peruvian city of Pucallpa, but the majority still lives over a large area of jungle forest extending all the way from Brazil to […]

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The Koman Kenia Photobook

english // français // español The photo book is available now for sale via the DONATE section of KAPÉ’s website and the crowdfunding platform Ulule at The money raised will be used to achieve various goals, notably obtaining the legal documents necessary to make Koman Kenia territory a protected indigenous reserve (see ”The Mission” page). The […]

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Crowdfunding Project Koman Kenia

english // français KAPÉ’s first goal is to make the lake and the territory of the Koman Kenia a protected area under state law. The association will work together with the chief of the Koman Kenia to secure land rights. Funds are needed to pay for the trip to the Ministry of Agriculture in Lima and for […]

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The Roots

The story is told by Florence Our story started five years ago, when Alice and I went to the wild rainforest for the first time. We first met Gabriel, a wise man from the Shipibo-Conibo’s community. The three of us embarked on a 19-hour bus ride crossing the Andes from Lima to Pucallpa. Once we […]

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The founders

english // français The NGO KAPÉ was founded on August 11th, 2016 by Alice Adrien and Florence Goupil. The project is born from a strong friendship and the same love for Peru, the Amazon and the Shipibo-Conibo people. The founders Florence Goupil is a photographer and graphic designer of French-Peruvian descent who originates from Cuzco. […]

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Project Koman Kenia

français // español // english   KAPÉ est une ONG dédiée à la protection du lac de «Koman Kenia». C’est à cet endroit que les premiers Shipibo-Conibo de l’Amazonie péruvienne ont vécu en communion avec la nature. Le but de KAPÉ est d’officialiser le statut du lac et du territoire des « Koman Kenia » pour […]

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